The Trixie Belden series began in 1948 when the first book, The Secret of the Mansion, was published by Whitman.  It was three more years before the second book followed but it began the series that went on to become one of the most successful juvenile mystery series of all time and engage readers from all over the world.

The series was published sporadically over almost forty years, ending in 1986 with publication of The Mystery of the Galloping Ghost, the 39th book in the series.  Fifteen years has now passed since the last book was published and it seems doubtful that the series will ever resume.

The series itself is a great mystery.  How many books were there in each of the editions?  Who was Kathryn Kenny and does anyone really know who wrote all of the books?

This section attempts to answer some of your question and takes a close look at each of the books and the different editions.

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