There were 39 Trixie Belden novels released between 1948 and 1986.  

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The Trixie Belden Series

1.    The Secret of the Mansion

2.    The Red Trailer Mystery

3.    The Gatehouse Mystery

4.    The Mysterious Visitor

5.    The Mystery Off Glen Road

6.    The Mystery in Arizona

7.    The Mysterious Code

8.    The Black Jacket Mystery

9.    The Happy Valley Mystery

10.   The Marshland Mystery

11.   The Mystery at Bob-White Cave

12.   The Mystery of the Blinking Eye

13.   The Mystery on Cobbett's Island

14.   The Mystery of the Emeralds

15.   The Mystery on the Mississippi

16.   The Mystery of the Missing Heiress

17.   The Mystery of the Uninvited Guest

18.   The Mystery of the Phantom Grasshopper

19.   The Mystery of the Unseen Treasure

20.   The Mystery Off Old Telegraph Road

21.   The Mystery of the Castaway Children

22.   The Mystery at Mead's Mountain

23.   The Mystery of the Queen's Necklace

24.   The Mystery at Saratoga

25.   The Sasquatch Mystery

26.   The Mystery of the Headless Horseman

27.   The Mystery of the Ghostly Galleon

28.   The Hudson River Mystery

29.   The Mystery of the Velvet Gown

30.   The Mystery of the Midnight Marauder

31.   The Mystery at Maypenny's

32.   The Mystery of the Whispering Witch

33.   The Mystery of the Vanishing Victim

34.   The Mystery of the Missing Millionaire

35.   The Mystery of the Memorial Day Fire

36.   The Mystery of the Antique Doll

37.   The Pet Show Mystery

38.   The Indian Burial Ground Mystery

39.   The Mystery of the Galloping Ghost


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