Trixie Belden Fan Club Newsletters

Golden Books began a Trixie Belden Mystery Fan Club in 1977 when they reintroduced the series in the oval paperback format.

I'm not quite sure how they enlisted members, but it was advertised on a special three set box that included the first three new titles, 17-19, in the oval paperback format.

There were at ten newsletters published before the fan club finished when the series was discontinued in 1980.  I have five of them which you can view using Acrobat reader.

Newsletter 1 (1977)

Newsletter 2 (1977)

Newsletter 3 (1977)

Newsletter 4 (1978)

Newsletter 5 (1978)

Newsletter 6 (1979)

Newsletter 7 (1979)

Newsletter 8 (1979)

Newsletter 9 (1980)

Newsletter 10 (1980)

You can see the rest on-line at Lisa's website.  However, Lisa only has nine listed and I believe she is missing what I've called #6.