Front Cover Paperback 1980

Back cover paperback 1980


The Bob-Whites collected their things and walked to the door of the cafeteria, arriving at the same time as Jerry Vanderhoef.

"Hey, Supersleuth Trixie," the boy said loudly.  "I heard there's another mystery for you to solve.  Or are you letting that new kid handle all your cases for you?"

Trixie felt her face growing hot with anger, but, feeling Jim's hand on her arm, she forced herself to say nothing, and Jerry turned his back on the Bob-Whites and walked away.

"He's really got it in for you, Trixie, hasn't he?" Dan said.

Trixie shrugged.  "I can take, I guess.  I don't enjoy it, but I don't think enough of Jerry Vanderhoef to let his criticism bother me."

"Good girl," Jim murmured approvingly as the Bob-Whites reached the end of the hallway and went to their separate classes.

Trixie found herself smiling contentedly as she walked down the hall.  See there?  she thought.  Why should I let someone I don't care about bother me, when just two words from someone I respect, like Jim, can make my whole day?

"The Mystery of the Missing Wallet," Trixie Belden Mystery Quiz Book #1 (p. 69)






Title :
Trixie Belden Mystery Quiz Book One

Author :
Kathryn Kenny with Joan Bowden, Mary Carey, Eileen Daly, Laura French, D. J. Herda and others.

First Published :

Contents :
Mystery at Wimpy's
The Case of the Tricky Tattoos
The Case of the Amateur Burglar
The Guest (minute mystery)
Museum Mystery (cartoon mystery)     
A Quetzal in a Williwaw?
Sports Variety
Quickie Quiz #1
A Drink of Cool Water (minute mystery)                
The Challenge
R U 4 K9's, 2?
The Sleeping Pilot (cartoon mystery)
Sneak Thief (minute mystery)
About This and That
Mr. Lytell's General Store
Bafflers 2
Sleepyside Bank Mystery (minute mystery)            
Famous Fictional Detectives
Tongue Tanglers                              
The Companion (cartoon mystery)
A Famous Painting (minute mystery)
Horse Thieves!
Missing Partners                                        .             
Pirates Bold
Grimm Castle (minute mystery)
State Names and Nicknames
The Safe Robber (cartoon mystery)
The Missing Will (minute mystery)
Doodlers' Noodlers                        
Lizards and Luck
Once Is Too Much
The Mystery of the Missing Wallet (short story)     Count-athon
It's True .. . It's False .. . Oh, I Give Up!
Trouble in the Desert (cartoon mystery)
The Disappearing Diamonds (minute mystery)      
Horses and Horse Racing
The Mysterious Valentine
The Case of the Baffling Bank Bandit
The Mystery of the Gritty Grades
Mr. Lytell Nabs a Thief (minute mystery)
At the Ball (cartoon mystery)
Legends and Folklore
Poppycock and Puffins
Jewel Thief!
Miser Mooney's Money (minute mystery)
Surprise Gift
Fowl Play
The Accident (minute mystery)
The Injured Neighbor (cartoon mystery)
Mart's Mother Goose
Word Ladders
The Boarder (minute mystery)
Food for Thought
Quickie Quiz #2
Sign Language
The Coin Toss (minute mystery)
Cryptic Lists
Quickie Quiz #3
The Reporter's Code (cartoon mystery)
Stolen Diamonds (minute mystery)
The Object of the Mystery

Short Story Synopsis :
There are a string of thefts at Sleepyside High and Trixie is keen to solve the mystery, but the new girl, Carol, beats her to it each time.  Has Trixie been outwitted or does Carol know more about these thefts than she's letting on? 

Characters (appearing thoughout the book): 
Trixie Belden
Jim Frayne
Honey Wheeler
Brian Belden
Mart Belden
Diana Lynch
Mrs Belden
Peter Belden
Bobby Belden
Dan Mangan
Hallie Belden
Bob Hubbell
Ethel Elliot
Ella Kline
Mr Ivanescu
Mr Van Stratten
Mr Clarendon
Mrs Garber
Mrs Osilius
Mr Hartman
Mr Morton
Stu Compton
Sergeant Molinson
Mrs Boyer
Mr Johnson
Mrs Stokes
Mrs Trevino
Bernie Judd
Tug Johnson
Mark Wolfe
Jerry Vanderhoef
Mike Larson
Bill Wright
Carol Aronson
Michelle Martin
Greg Kabara

Points of Interest:
Three new street names in Sleepyside are introduced: Crabtree Lane (p. 60), Elm St and Parsons Court (p. 108).