Front Cover Paperback 1980

Back Cover Paperback 1980









Title :
Trixie Belden Mystery Quiz Mini-Book

Author :
Kathryn Kenny with Joan Bowden, Mary Carey, Eileen Daly,  D. J. Herda, Laura French, Betty Ren Wright and others.

First Published :

Contents :
Trouble in the Desert (cartoon mystery)
House Thieves?
The Guest (a minute mystery)
Missing Partners
Trixie and Honey's Revenge 
The Mysterious Valentine
Lizards and Luck
Once Is Too Much
The Kidnapped Camper (cartoon mystery)
Famous Places in the United States
Surprise Gift
Stable Trouble (a minute mystery)
Di's Memory Sharpener
Rodeo Clown (a minute mystery)
What Do You Know About Fighting Crime?

Interesting Points:

This book was a giveaway packed with numbers 24 and 25 to create interest in the new quiz books.  It contains activities from both the Mystery Quiz books, but does not contain a short story.