Ben Riker








Name:  Ben Riker

Birthday:  Unknown

Physical Description: 
Tall, blonde and broad-shouldered.


Ben is Honey's cousin.  It is uncertain whether he is the son of Mr or Mrs Wheeler's sister, but he comes to stay with the Wheelers several times.

He is a practical joker whose jokes tend to get increasingly worse and cruel as he gets older.  He spends his vacations at summer camp and excels in sports.

However, he gets in with the wrong crowd and is sent to stay with the Wheelers for a while and makes life miserable for everyone.  He has no respect for money and little respect for the feelings of other people.

Ben seems to have lived a life similar to the life Honey had before she came to Sleepyside.  He spent little time with his parents and was always away at boarding school.  His practical jokes are a cry for help as he seeks constantly to be in the spotlight, even if it means getting in trouble.

When Ben finds himself a suspect for a string of vandalisms in Sleepyside, he gets a wake up call and realises how his actions are affecting other people and experiences a change of heart.

Deep down, Ben is a nice guy and this shows on occasion.  He is a colorful character in the books and contributes to some interesting storylines.