Bobby Belden









Name:  Bobby Belden

Birthday:  Unknown

Physical Description: 
Curly blonde hair and blue eyes


The adorable, but rambunctious youngest sibling of Brian, Mart and Trixie is always six years old.  It is mainly Trixie's job to care for him and she is constantly run ragged trying to keep entertained and out of trouble.

Trixie saves his life on a number of occasions, the first being after a bite from a deadly copperhead.  Bobby's curious nature often gets himself into trouble and his desire to belong to a gang, like his siblings, has him aiding and abetting gangs on two occasions.  It is usually Trixie that saves him from trouble with the help of the other Bob-Whites.

Bobby is hopeless at keeping "see-cruds" and the Bob-Whites are forced to speak in code around him to keep him from spilling their secrets.  They all adore him, but often find him a nuisance when they are trying to solve mysteries.

Bobby's best friend is his dog Reddy and they are constant companions.  He is also good friends with Di's brother's, Terry and Larry who are the same age as him.

Bobby is the epitome of the adorable, but nuisance younger brother who is often used to further the plot or cause conflict within the books.