The Bob-Whites of Glen were formed in #3 The Gatehouse Mystery when Honey expressed her wish that they could be part of a club.  The name is derived from the whistle Jim taught Honey and Trixie in #1 The Secret of the Mansion, and the name of the road they live on: Glen Road.

Diana Lynch joined the Bob-Whites in #4 The Mysterious Visitor after Honey befriended her, and Dan Mangan joined in #8 The Black Jacket Mystery after moving to Sleepyside from New York.

The Belden cousins: Knut, Cap and Hallie were also made honourary members of the Bob-Whites during #25 The Sasquatch Mystery.  Information about them can be found on the Beldens character page.

Trixie Belden: co-president

Jim Frayne: co-president

Honey Wheeler: vice-president

Mart Belden: secretary/treasurer

Brian Belden

Diana Lynch

Dan Mangan