Brian Belden

















Name:  Brian Belden

Birthday:  October 22

Physical Description: 
Tall, with dark hair and dark eyes

Brian is the eldest of the Belden children and takes his role as the eldest very seriously.  He is patient, understanding and considerate of others and often plays the referee between Trixie and Mart.

Brian is also the oldest Bob-White and his friends respect his opinion and often look to him for advice.  He is conservative, serious and studious as he intends to study medicine and become a doctor at Jim's school for underprivileged boys.

He is the first to aid an injured person and is knowledgeable in medicine and first aid.  He is often praised for his care of injured people and takes charge in an emergency.

Brian is quick to caution Trixie and stop her from acting impulsively.  He questions her theories and often discounts them, but he is quick to defend her when Mart's teasing gets a little too much.

The perfect role model, Brian never loses his temper except when he is unaware that he is suffering from cyanide poisoning.  He is concerned with fairness and presenting both sides of an argument and takes part in a hot debate regarding an environmental issue effecting the town, in the hope that a balanced argument can be presented.

There is a hint of a romantic interest between Brian and Honey, but it is never explored thoroughly.  There is some hand holding between them and he asks her to go as his partner to the spring dance, but nothing more is alluded to.  Trixie guesses his feeling's for Honey and once teased him about it, but she has never teased Honey about her feelings for Brian.

Brian is his father's son and they appear to share looks and temperament.  He can be relied on to do the right thing, but he often gets caught up in the mysteries and goes along with their plans to capture the villain without police assistance.  He often reprimands Trixie for acting alone (or with Honey) and acts as her conscience.

Tall, dark and handsome, Brian appears to be the perfect role model with no obvious flaws.