Dan Mangan






















Name:  Dan Mangan

Birthday:  Unknown

Physical Description: 
Dark hair, sideburns and dark eyes.

Dan is an orphan, whose father, Tim, died in a car accident when he was young, and his mother died when Dan was in his mid-teens.  He fell in with a bad gang in New York City called "The Cowhands" and his uncle Bill Regan, whom he had never met, was contacted by the juvenile courts and given the option of offering Dan a home or letting him go to a juvenile home.

It was arranged that Dan would stay with Mr Maypenny, the gamekeeper, and assist him in patrolling the game preserve.  Dan had a shaky start and Trixie suspected the worst of him, but he saved the life of her and her brother, Bobby and quickly became a member of the Bob-Whites.

Dan learnt to ride soon after coming to Sleepyside and was given a horse owned by the Wheeler's, Spartan, to ride.

Dan is a quiet member of the Bob-Whites and often misses group vacations because he has to work with underprivileged children or catch up on his studies.  Therefore, he doesn't usually get to play a large role in the mysteries but when he does, he is incredibly useful.

Although cautious, like Jim and Brian, Dan is not so quick to dismiss Trixie's theories and often supports her when the other boys don't.  Dan's ambition is to become a policeman in New York and maybe this is why he is more supportive of Trixie than the others.  His knowledge of New York City saved Trixie's life when he led the police to her and rescued her from three gangsters.

Dan has a romantic interest in Hallie Belden, Trixie's younger cousin, although his age (according to Trixie lore) is 17 - four years older than Hallie.  But Hallie appears mature for her age and very attractive with similar colouring to Dan.  They share some moments in The Uninvited Guest, but they aren't given a chance to develop this attraction.

Dan is quiet and sensitive, a hard worker who doesn't mind manual labour.  He is extremely loyal and sensitive to the feelings of others.