Diana Lynch

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Name:  Diana Lynch

Birthday:  July

Physical Description: 
Slim, pretty with black hair and violet eyes

Diana Lynch is the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Lynch, with a set of twin brothers and twin sisters for siblings.  Diana has lived in Sleepyside all her life and spent most of her life growing up in a small apartment on Main Street.  However, when her father made his fortune, he purchased a huge estate on Glen Road and relocated his family. 

Diana had been good friends with Trixie up until this point, but things changed when they had a house full of servants and a prim and proper butler who wouldn’t allow her and her siblings to live as they had before.  Trixie felt uncomfortable because of the hovering servants and didn’t visit Diana again, and sensitive Diana became lonely and secluded on the outskirts of Sleepyside, afraid to invite her friends home.

It was Honey who noticed how lonely and sad she was, inviting her to spend the weekend at Manor House.  Diana was pleased to accept the invitation, quite envious because of the fun the five Bob-Whites seemed to have together.  Soon after, Di became a member of the group.

Diana is described by Trixie as the prettiest girl in their year with black hair and violet eyes, possibly modelled on a young Elizabeth Taylor.  Like Honey, she is timid and frightened and has a low self-confidence.  She is aware of her good looks and knows how to use them, often making Trixie feel quite inadequate.

Diana is often patronised in the books with Trixie giving her jobs to make her feel important, and sometimes portrayed as an empty-headed beauty.  She is given little meaningful dialogue and is often left out of the books and conveniently sent on a holiday with her family, so she doesn’t have to be included in the story lines.

It is made obvious soon after Di’s arrival that she and Mart have feelings for each other.  She kisses him on the cheek as part of a dare and he is quite often jealous of her paying attention to other males.  She is usually quick to reassure him and looks up to him, impressed by his vocabulary even if she doesn’t know what it means.

Trixie and Di are complete opposites and Trixie sometimes loses her patience with Di, because she doesn’t have a head for mysteries.  On occasion, Trixie perceives Di as a threat especially when she takes on a leadership role and Trixie is not used to being a follower.  Di’s behaviour in the lead up to the charity bazaar on her family’s property is tainted by Trixie’s view point, although the other’s do seem a little surprised at her change in attitude.  It’s amazing that when Di begins acting as something other than just a girl; her friends think that something is wrong with her.  The books by Joan Chase Bowden (#26, 27, 30 and 32) present a much stronger, knowledgeable Diana, who is not afraid and has much more meaningful dialogue.

Di is a sweet, friendly girl who loves her younger brothers and sisters.  She originally intended to become an air stewardess, but later in the series she expressed an interest in majoring in art and possessed some good drawing skills.  There is possibly more to Diana Lynch than just a pretty face – if only the writers had allowed her to shine through.