Name:  Hallie Belden

Birthday:  Unknown

Physical Description: 
Long dark black hair and blackberry eyes


Thirteen year old Hallie is one year younger than Trixie, who describes her cousin as beautiful with long bones and fragile looking.  However, Hallie is anything but fragile and shares her cousin's tomboy nature and loathe of anything feminine.

Hallie is an outgoing, athletic girl who has been influenced by growing up with two older brothers.  She is quick thinking and has a sense of humor similar to Mart's.

Hallie shares Trixie's curious nature and is quite competitive.  She is comfortable with her looks and immediately attracts the attention of Dan Mangan.

There is a natural rivalry between the two girls.  Trixie is jealous of Hallie's appearance and dislikes the idea of sharing the limelight with her cousin.  However, the two girls are very alike and both have similar insecurities which they eventually share with each other.

Hallie and Trixie eventually put their differences between them and become friends.  Hallie is a likeable character who appears in two of the books, but her relationship with Dan is never given a chance to flourish.