Helen Belden
















Name:  Helen Johnson Belden

Birthday:  28 August

Physical Description: 
Slim, pretty with blonde hair and blue eyes


Better known to us as Moms, Helen Belden is the ideal mother to her four active children.  She is firm, but supportive and is always concerned for her family and their friends.

She becomes a mother figure to all of the Bob-Whites and they look to her for advice, comfort and encouragement.  She is extremely proud of her independent children, but complains that Trixie has caused her to grey prematurely.

Helen was an art major at college and gave up her painting after she married because they couldn't afford the art supplies.  According to #34, Helen is two years younger than her husband Peter, and would have been twenty when she gave birth to Brian.

There seems to be nothing that Helen can't do.  She's a gardener, cook, housekeeper, sings in the choir and can fix a car with a bobby pin!  Trixie constantly compares her to Mrs Wheeler, and is always glad that Moms is there when they need her.

Helen keeps her children grounded and works tirelessly for her family without a complaint.  She is the model mother and her children love her for it.