Honey Wheeler





























Name:  Madeleine "Honey" Wheeler

Birthday:  Unknown

Physical Description: 
Slim, pretty with honey coloured hair and hazel eyes.

Madeleine Wheeler, known as Honey, is the only daughter of the wealthy Matthew and Madeleine Wheeler.  She grew up mostly in boarding schools and summer camp and under the care of a dreaded governess, Miss Leferts.  She spent little time with her parents and was scared of her mother, fearing that she didn’t love her.

At the age of thirteen, Honey became ill.  Her parents were quickly made aware of her loneliness and fears by her teacher, Miss Trask and decided to fire Honey’s governess, hire Miss Trask and purchase a property in the country so Honey could recover.  It was there that Honey met Trixie Belden and their lives changed forever.

Honey has a sweet disposition, is very sensitive to other’s feelings and is extremely loyal to her friends.  She is very cautious but is easily influenced by Trixie and allows herself to be drawn into dangerous situations.  Honey shares a close friendship with Trixie and she is very perceptive to her feelings.

Trixie helped Honey shed her boarding school fears and prissy girl image and get over her sickness.  If Trixie thought Honey was stuck-up when she met her, it would be interesting to know what Honey thought of Trixie when she first met her.  Honey has a trusting nature and thinks the best of everyone, requiring hard evidence to make her change her mind so it is quite possible that she may not have had a negative first impression of Trixie when they met.

Honey provides the balance to her relationship with Trixie.  Her cautious, sensible manner works with Trixie’s impulsive, erratic mind to allow some creative problem solving although in most cases, they often stumble on clues – quite literally speaking with Trixie!  Honey shares Trixie’s ambition to be detective and plans to open the Belden-Wheeler Detective Agency once they graduate from college.  It is never revealed exactly what the heiress’s parents think of this, but her father certainly disapproves of the situations they find themselves in.

Honey has a fondness for Brian which is not really developed within the series.  The later books show a different Honey, who swoons over a handsome young horse trainer with no mention by Brian and Trixie seems amused by her behaviour.  Many of us would like to believe that her heart yearns for Brian and they do share some small moments through the books, but not many.

Honey is every girl’s best friend.  She’s loyal, supportive, understanding and eager to please.  She can be a little tentative, but with a little pushing will go along with her best friend’s plan and she has enormous respect and love for her friends and family.  Honey’s too trusting nature can get her into trouble, but that only means another mystery for her and Trixie to solve!