Jim Frayne








Name:  Jim Frayne (James Winthrop Frayne II)

Birthday:  July

Physical Description: 
Red hair, green eyes, freckles, strong supple body.

Jim Frayne is an orphan.  He lived with his parents in Rochester until his father, Winthrop Frayne, died when he was ten, and later, when his mother remarried, he moved to his step-father's farm in Albany.  It seems his mother, Katje Vanderheiden Frayne, died when he was thirteen or fourteen years old.

Jim was adopted by Matthew and Madeleine Wheeler, becoming Honey's adopted brother.  Matthew Wheeler attended college with Jim's father, Win, and he and Jim look enough alike to be father and son.

Jim is extremely well adjusted for a boy who has lost both of his parents and was beaten by his step-father.  He has a quick temper, and is very honourable, putting his need to do the right thing above everything else.  His ambition is to take his inheritance and build a school for underprivileged boys once he has graduated from college.

He is strong, an expert horseman and woodsman and is intelligent.  He is the co-president of the Bob-Whites and spends a lot of his time trying to prevent Honey and Trixie from getting into trouble.

Jim has a romantic interest in Trixie and seems more willing to express his feelings for her, than she is.  He sends her an orchid on Valentine's day, stops short of calling her his girlfriend and gives her an ID bracelet with his name on it.  He is the first to comfort her and hold her after some close escapes, and he has his own sixth sense that tells him when she is keeping something from him.

Jim's desire to protect Trixie from harm often causes conflicts between them and they can ignite each other's temper easily.  Perhaps this is a sign of the sexual chemistry between them?  Trixie and Jim balance each other out - she is impulsive, he gives things careful consideration, she thinks with her heart, he thinks with his head.  Their interaction is interesting to read and Trixie tries hard not to think about her feelings for him.

Jim is handsome, knowledgeable, studious and serious.  He appears an expert at everything he attempts and does not seem to have any flaws except his quick temper and his stubbornness.