Madeleine Hart Wheeler








Name:  Madeleine Hart Wheeler

Birthday:  October

Physical Description: 
Hazel eyes, honey coloured hair and slender build.

Madeleine Wheeler is an older version of her daughter, Honey.  She comes from a wealthy family and has never had to do housework or menial work.

She is very delicate and it seems she was weakened further after the birth of Honey and was not able to care for Honey herself, so she was never able to bond with her daughter.

Honey's relationship with her Madeleine, before they moved to Sleepyside, was distant and aloof with Honey thinking that her mother didn't like children.  Honey's illness seemed to force her to realise how much she cared for her daughter, although it took some time to bring them closer together.

Her telegram to Honey, while she and Trixie were searching for Jim, was cold and harsh and one couldn't help thinking that Madeleine Wheeler was not very nice.  However, at the end of The Red Trailer Mystery, Madeleine embraces Honey tearfully and is keen to accept Jim into their family.

From that moment, the relationship between Madeleine and Honey strengthens yet little is revealed about her relationship with Jim.  He tells Trixie that his own mother was a lot like Mrs Belden, and Trixie knows that Madeleine Wheeler is not that kind of mother to Honey and Jim.

Madeleine loves entertaining and renovating and travelling with her husband.  She dresses formally for dinner and never has a hair out of place.  She is not a cruel woman, but it is clear that she has other priorities and she does not value motherhood as much as some do.