Mart Belden





















Name:  Mart Belden

Birthday:  June 1

Physical Description: 
Blue eyes, freckles and a blonde crew cut.

Mart is eleven months older than Trixie, and looks enough like her to be her twin.  Mart keeps his blonde hair cut short to avoid the curls that both Trixie and their younger brother, Bobby have.

Mart has a love for big and difficult words and often uses them to impress his friends and bewilder his sister.  Occasionally, he uses these terms in the wrong context and Trixie delights in his embarrassment.

Mart is knowledgeable and may occasionally have an air of arrogance when speaking, but his friends know him too well to think so.  Diana is very impressed by how smart he is and looks up to him.  Mart is grateful for the attention of one of the prettiest girls in the school, and they share a special friendship.  He is like Trixie in that he becomes jealous if Di pays attention to someone else, but she is usually quick to reassure him of her preference for him.

Mart delights in teasing Trixie and he struggles to play the older brother role to her, but she never quite accepts him as such.  Mart knows his sister's quick temper only too well, and his teasing often pushes her over the edge which he quickly regrets.  He calls her Beatrix and she retaliates by calling him her twin, but they often confide in each other and defend each other when the need arises.

Like Trixie, Mart can be impulsive and has his own sense of logic when it comes to solving mysteries or thinking through ideas.  However, it is Trixie who often comes to his rescue and understands him the best.

Mart has a love of the land and the farm where he has grown up.  He loves to work with his hand and he plans to major in agriculture and work at Jim's school for underprivileged boys after he graduates.

Mart, like Trixie, has weaknesses and flaws, and his relationship with Trixie is one anyone with a close sibling can relate to.