Matthew Wheeler









Name:  Matthew Wheeler

Birthday:  Unknown

Physical Description: 
Tall with red hair and green eyes.

Matthew Wheeler looks enough like his adopted son, Jim to be mistaken for his father.  Both are tall, with red hair and green eyes and have quick tempers.

Matthew went to college with Jim's father, Win, and he was quite keen to adopt the son of his old friend.  Jim quickly refers to him as Dad, although he never forgets his much-loved father who died when he was a child.

Matt is a wealthy businessman, whose business requires him to travel frequently.  He and his wife are seldom at the Manor House, so they don't get to spend a great deal of time with their children, Jim and Honey.

However, Matt has his own private plane and is often able to take the Bob-Whites on trips which inevitably leads them to a mystery.   He allows the Bob-Whites their freedom but is concerned by the dangerous situations they become involved in, and Trixie occasionally finds herself the recipient of a stern lecture from him.

Matt is described as stubborn, but with a good head for business.  He can lose his temper if he's unable to get what his want and has several arguments with Mr Maypenny who does not value money in the same way as he does.

He is the more approachable parent, and cares deeply for his children despite his absences.  He is generous, kind-hearted with a good sense of humor and is a highly respected man.