Peter Belden









Name:  Peter Belden

Birthday:  Unknown

Physical Description: 
Dark brown hair and eyes


Peter Belden is the patriarch of the Belden family.  His children gravitate to him when he returns home from his job as a teller at the Sleepyside's First National Bank.  He is a respected citizen of Sleepyside and can be counted on by his colleagues, neighbours and children to give sound advice and encouragement.

His role in the books is not as active as his wife's, but he is present when his children need them to help them with a problem.

Even the wealthy Matthew Wheeler consults him when he needs advice on whether to sell his land to the International Pine Company, and Peter offers him a balanced opinion on the matter. 

Crabapple Farm has belonged to his family for generations and he has a love of the land that he has taught to his children.  His is the model father and well respected by the community of Sleepyside.