Trixie Belden







































Name:  Trixie Belden

Birthday:  1 May

Physical Description: 
Curly, sandy-blonde coloured hair, blue eyes, freckles and a sturdy build.


Trixie was christened Beatrix, but insists of being called Trixie.  As the only girl, with two older brothers and one younger, she grew up a tom-boy and has remained that way, although Honey's influence and the presence of Jim Frayne have had a small influence on her boyish behaviour.

Trixie hates housework, and is paid to help around Crabapple Farm and look after her younger brother, Bobby.  She loves riding horses and was taught to ride by Regan and Honey.

She is an average student who struggles with math, but she enjoys outdoor activities and helping people.  Trixie can be very charitable and is not materialistic, but she is not totally unselfish either and often chides herself for not thinking of others first.

Trixie is stubborn and strong-willed and is quick to make judgments about people that may not always be correct, but usually are.  Trixie often compares others to herself and her own view of the world and that can sometimes cloud her judgment.  For example, she formed an instant opinion that Honey was 'stuck-up' because she didn't dress like Trixie and offered her hand in introduction.  Her opinion of Honey sways during The Secret of the Mansion between admiration and pity, but Trixie comes to accept the differences between them and they become firm friends.

She has a quick temper, but usually cools off fairly quickly unless their is a hint of truth in a remark that ignited her anger.  Trixie is very protective of her friends and family and will be quick to jump to their defense, even though in private she may tease them.

Trixie is a natural leader, who is used to getting her own way at home and with her friends.  The other Bob-Whites know that they can warn and advise her, but that she will act impulsively and often ignore common sense.  Trixie often has her own sense of logic that she convinces Honey is correct and leads them into some crazy situations.  Trixie does not like being told that she is wrong and is sometimes hurt when the others question her theories and actions.

She has a sixth sense for mysteries and plans to start the Belden-Wheeler Detective Agency when she and Honey graduate from college.  This ambition is often laughed at by her friends and family, but with each mystery she solves the possibility seems more likely.

Trixie has a special affection for Jim Frayne, who is almost two years older than her.  She wears an identification bracelet he gave her, but finds it hard to admit to herself that she has feelings beyond friendship for him, although it is obvious to everyone else that he returns this affection.  They often clash as he is concerned with her well-being and she is occasionally hurt by him discounting her theories.  But she still turns to him for advice and his approval of her is very important.

Trixie appears to be very self-confident, but she is insecure about her appearance.  She is immediately jealous of any other blonde the Bob-Whites come in contact with from Dot Murray to Gaye Hunya and Laura Ramsay.  Even her younger cousin Hallie, makes Trixie feel insecure and in The Mystery of the Uninvited Guest we get a look into Trixie's psyche and her insecurities and fears.

Trixie is not perfect, but she has many admirable qualities and is admired and respected by her friends and family.  She has a nose for mysteries and solving them and takes responsibility for her own actions, even when she has acted foolishly.  Trixie is someone we can relate to and admire for her weaknesses as well as her strengths.