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   Present Universe    -        Adult fan fiction based on events in the present

   Past Universe    -               Adult fiction based on events while Trixie and
                                                Honey are still at school.

   Perceptions    -                    Revisiting my stories and the actual books from a
                                                 rather different perspective.

   Profile    -                            Find out how this all began for me



   Series    -                               Information about each book in the series

   Editions    -                          Information about the different editions and each
                                                 book published in each edition

   Authors    -                           Information about the authors of the series.


Characters                     Still under construction - not all links work

   Bob-Whites    -                   Information about each of the Bob-Whites

   Beldens    -                          Information about the Belden Family

   Wheelers    -                        Information about the Wheeler Family

   Lynches    -                          Information about the Lynch Family

   Recurring    -                       Information about the recurring characters

   Villains    -                           Information about some of the villains



   Dress Trixie    -                    Time to have fun!  Explore Trixie's wardrobe
                                                  and find out what she thinks about your choices.

   Sleepyside Map    -             Take a tour of Sleepyside and its surrounds



   Fan Fiction    -                       An extensive list of Trixie Belden fan fiction sites

   Information    -                      An extensive list of Trixie Belden information sites

   Other Resources    -              A list of Trixie Belden hard copy resources