Say Goodbye

How did Jim cope returning to Sleepyside as the Wheeler's newly adopted son?  How did he learn to let go of the past and embrace his new life?


The Sting of the Enigmatic Heart

Finally, your chance to read what really happened after Jim gave Trixie the silver ID bracelet.

This story is part of a Jixemitri challenge and its title comes from the new interactive trix-e-tron experience.



The discovery of a letter in a crawlspace changed Edgar Carver's life.  But the affect of the Bob-Whites on his life is even greater when they introduce him to Miss Trask while he recuperates from his operation and two people are touched by something they've never felt before.


Reaching Out

An epilogue to Touched, exploring how Miss Trask and Mr Carver deal with their feelings now that they're apart.  Can they reach out to each other and find out the truth about their feelings?


  Will You Be Mine?

Let's go back to when none of the Bobwhites were coupled and they were still struggling with their feelings for each other.  Mart reaches breaking point and finally confesses his feelings for Di in a very public way.  This is a Circle Writing Project for Jixemitri, using elements from CWP #1.


  Bittersweet Sixteen

In celebration of what would be Trixie's 66th birthday, I offer this story about the first birthday Trixie celebrates while Jim and Brian are away at college and the bittersweet experience of being sweet sixteen and never been kissed.


Stolen Kisses

At the end of their first year of college, Jim and Brian decide to stay on and take vacation work, much to the dismay of Trixie and Honey.  With the other Bob-Whites employed or away, Trixie and Honey decide to accompany Regan to Minnesota to visit a ranch where horses are trained.  It doesn't take Trixie long to stumble on to a mystery but Honey gets side-tracked by a handsome horse trainer.