Trick or Treat Me

Author’s Note:  Trixie BeldenŽ is the registered trademark of Random House. This story is not for profit. 

This story was written for The Other Side: Group Writing Project #18.  This story is part of my Trixie universe but occurs in the past when Trixie is in her senior year at Sleepyside High.

This story includes lyrics from the song "I Can't Make You Love Me" by George Michael.  Visit his site.


“I can’t believe we’ll all be back together in a few hours time,” Honey cried excitedly.

“You mean you and Brian,” Trixie teased.

“Well, yes,” Honey blushed.  “But I mean all the Bobwhites!”

“I know,” Trixie smiled.  “It’s been so quiet since the guys all left for college.  It’s just not the same without them.”

“Are you missing anyone in particular?” Honey prodded.

“Oh, you!” Trixie swiped playfully at her.  “It will be great to see everyone again, Jim included.”

“You must be happy that he’s going to the Halloween dance with you,” Honey smiled.  “How did that happen anyway?”

“Not in the way you think,” Trixie snorted and rolled her eyes.  “Jim was asking about school, I mentioned the dance, he mentioned he was coming home and offered to escort me if I needed a partner.  There was nothing romantic about it, you know Jim.”

Honey did know Jim.  He was a true gentleman to the dismay of both herself and Trixie.  Honey was convinced he had feelings for Trixie, but he did little to show it.

“And Di and Mart are going together,” Honey commented, changing the subject.

“That should be interesting,” Trixie raised her eyebrows.  “They both agreed to call it quits when Mart left for college in the fall, but I think it was more Di’s decision.  I’m not sure how they agreed to go to the dance together.”

“Has Mart been seeing anyone else?”

“Not that I know of,” Trixie frowned.  “I wonder what they’re wearing to the dance.”

“I can’t believe you and Jim are going as the Blues Brothers,” Honey giggled.

“I agreed to it on the condition that I got to be Jake,” Trixie smiled slyly.  “I’m surprised Jim didn’t want to go as the nun who raps Jake across the knuckles.  He’s done his share of that with me.”

“Oh, Trixie,” Honey cried.  “You know he means well.”

“Hmph,” Trixie snorted.  “What are you and Brian going as?”

“It’s a secret,” Honey teased.

“Fine,” Trixie tossed her head.  “Be like that.  I’ll get Bobby to tell me.  He’s still not any better at keeping ‘seecruds’.”

“Where’s Hallie?  I thought you would have brought her along.”

“She dragged Dan off to find costumes for the party,” Trixie laughed.  “She’s convinced they’re going to end up with the dregs, but Dan refused to let her pick a costume for him until he could go with her.”

“How’s she doing?” Honey asked.

“She’s holding up,” Trixie answered.  “Her Mum’s death really shook her and I think it’s been good for her to be around Moms.  But I think she’s missing Cap and Knut.”

“Hopefully Dan will help keep her mind off things,” Honey smiled.

“I’m sure Dan would love to,” Trixie grinned and then her face sobered.  “I think she’s afraid to get close to anyone, but her and Dan have always had a special connection.  Maybe it will go okay.”

“What about your special connection?” Honey asked carefully.  “Are you hoping something might happen this time?”

“I’ve almost given up hope,” Trixie admitted ruefully.  “Jim’s been at college for over two years now.  At first I thought the distance between us might make him do something about us, but nothing’s changed.  I can’t see why this time will be any different.”

Trixie tried to smile at Honey, but she couldn’t quite manage it.  Wordlessly, Honey hugged her friend.

“Maybe you could make him jealous,” Honey suggested.  “It worked that time you pretended to be in love with Ben.”

“It did not!” Trixie exclaimed.  “Jim could see right through me.  You know he never believed I was in love with Ben.  Besides, there’s no Ben Riker this time.  Who could I pretend to be in love with?”

“You’re so blind Trixie,” Honey shook her head.  “There are dozens of boys at school who would die to go out with you if you gave them half a chance.”

“Rubbish!” Trixie snorted.  “Like who?”

“Like Nick Roberts, for one,” Honey declared.

“Nick!” Trixie cried.  “Oh, Honey, don’t be silly!  He’s not interested in me.  I always thought he had a thing for Di.”

“Then you haven’t seen him looking at you,” Honey smiled. 

“Okay then, if so many guys are interested in me why haven’t any asked me out?” Trixie demanded.

“Well, I guess they’re a little in awe of you,” Honey began.  “And the fact that you go to every school event with Jim must make them think you’re not available.”

“Oh woe!” Trixie cried.  “I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.”

“I beg your pardon?” Honey asked in bewilderment.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter,” Trixie groaned.  “I promise you this though, if nothing happens between me and Jim this time, I’m never taking him to another school social again!”

Honey hid a smile at Trixie’s dramatic statement.  She sympathised with Trixie’s predicament and hated the way she tormented herself about the nature of her relationship with Jim.  How could they both be so blind?

A car’s horn sounded outside and Honey jumped up excitedly from the bed.

“It’s Brian and Jim!”

Honey raced out of the room and down the stairs, and Trixie followed on her heels.  She caught sight of Honey running outside and straight into Brian’s open arms.  Their lips locked together and Brian whirled her around.

Trixie watched them in envy.  Jim stood awkwardly beside the car, glancing between them and Trixie.

“Welcome home Jim,” Trixie said, almost shyly.

“It’s great to see you Trix,” Jim smiled and he hugged her.  Trixie felt her face grow hot as she returned his hug.  They slowly pulled away from each other, their eyes not quite meeting.

“I wonder how long I have to wait to get a hug from my sister,” Jim said loudly, winking at Trixie.

They were still kissing and, between kisses, grinning stupidly at each other.  Their arms were wrapped around each other and Trixie knew how hard it must be for them to let go.  Eventually, Brian reluctantly released her and Honey gave Jim a quick hug.

“Sorry Jim, but a girl has her priorities,” she laughed.  “Welcome home!”

“Great to see you still in one piece,” Brian told Trixie, putting his arm around her shoulder.  “Solve any more mysteries while we were gone?”

“Hardly!” Trixie sniffed.  “This is my senior year, I’ve barely got time to take Susie out for a ride once a week.”

“Regan must love you,” Jim grinned.

“Bobby’s been helping exercise the horses,” Honey pointed out, going back to Brian’s side.  “And Hallie has too.”

“How is Hallie?” Brian asked, his eyes filled with concern.

“She’s doing okay,” Trixie replied.  “Hopefully Dan being back will cheer her up.”

“Is Mart back too?” Jim asked.

“Yep,” Trixie replied.  “We’re all back together again.”

“It’s so wonderful,” Honey’s eyes glowed as she looked up at Brian.  “Your Moms has invited us all to Crabapple Farm for a belated birthday dinner for you.”

“Sounds great,” Brian smiled at her and kissed her nose.  “I guess I should head home now and unpack.  Want to come with me?”

“Try and stop me!”

“Trix, are you coming?” Brian asked.

“Tell Moms I’ll be home soon to help with dinner.  I’ll help Jim take his bags inside.”

“Thanks Trix,” Jim smiled at her and Trixie felt her heart leap.

They waved to Brian and Honey as the car headed down the driveway.  Trixie grabbed one of Jim’s bags and headed into the house.

“Why did you take the heavy one?” Jim called after her.

“Because I can!” Trixie called back.

Jim laughed.  Somethings never change, he thought to himself.

He found Trixie sitting on his bed and he couldn’t help smiling.

“Hasn’t anyone told you that you shouldn’t go into a man’s room uninvited?” Jim asked her.

“Did you want me to leave the bag outside the door?” Trixie replied coyly.

“It’s good to see you Trix,” Jim smiled.  “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” Trixie’s heart was in her mouth.

“Shall we go and sit outside?” Jim suggested.

“Sure,” Trixie agreed quietly.

They sat on the porch in silence.  Trixie shot sideways glances at Jim as he looked out across the estate and wondered what he was thinking.

“It’s good to be home,” he said finally.  “I still haven’t got used to living away from here and being so far from all the people that I love.”

Trixie swallowed nervously.  Was she one of the people he loved?

“I’m know Honey really misses you,” Trixie replied cautiously.

“I’ve missed her too,” Jim sighed.  “I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have Brian at the same college as me.  He’s my link to home.”

“He must find it hard being away from Honey,” Trixie said lightly.  “They really are meant to be together.”

“It must be nice to have that,” Jim replied absently and Trixie felt a pang of disappointment.

“I guess I’d better get back and help Moms,” she told him dully.  “I’ll see you in a couple of hours?”

“Sure Trix,” Jim’s green eyes smiled up at hers.  “Thanks for listening to me.  I’m glad you were the first person I saw when I got back.”

Trixie’s heart thrilled in response and she smiled shyly at him and disappeared down the driveway before he noticed her blushing face.

Maybe this time….


“Oh Moms, you’re so great to invite everyone to Brian’s birthday dinner,” Trixie cried, hugging her mother’s slender frame.

“How could I leave anyone out?” Helen Belden laughed as she returned her daughter’s hug.  “Now why don’t you put the salads on the table and then you can go and get changed.”

“Changed?” Trixie repeated, pinching a carrot stick from the bowl her mother had prepared.  “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”

Her mother glanced down at Trixie’s well-faded blue jeans and creased blouse.

“Trixie, we’re having guests for dinner,” Helen Belden told her in a tone Trixie knew meant business.

“But they’re just the Bobwhites!” Trixie exclaimed and then caught the look on her mother’s face. 

“Oh, okay,” she grumbled.  “It’s not like anyone will even notice.”

Helen Belden raised her eyebrows at her daughter’s last comment, but didn’t have a chance to reply before Trixie headed for her room.

“How did the costume hunting go?” Trixie asked Hallie as she stopped by her room.

“Just as I feared,” Hallie moaned.  “We got the dregs.”

“What did you get?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” Hallie drawled.  “I’m not going to spend the whole night getting teased about my costume, just to get teased again tomorrow night when I wear it.”

“You know my brothers too well,” Trixie grinned.

“So is all the gang back?” Hallie asked slyly.  “I saw Brian disappear into his room with Honey about an hour ago and they haven’t come out yet.”

“You’re kidding?” Trixie cried and tried to swallow the jealousy she felt rising inside of her.  She had been in Jim’s room earlier, but he had only been interested in getting her out of there.

“Have you seen Jim?” Hallie prodded.

“Yes,” Trixie sighed and Hallie knew not to push things any further.

“Go and get changed,” Hallie gave her a little push.  “Maybe you can knock his socks off tonight.”

“Fat chance,” Trixie mumbled, but headed to her bedroom.  She stared in frustration at the contents of her wardrobe.  Nothing in here was going to get Jim’s attention.

Trixie changed dejectedly into a pair of navy blue pants and a cream knitted jumper.  It was simple, it was comfortable and it was her. 

If he doesn’t like me for who I am, there’s not much I can do about it, Trixie thought.


Trixie smiled happily at the sight of her family and friends all crowded round the table.  There was laughter, noisy conversations and friendly bantering; just like old times.

Except somethings had changed.  Brian and Honey exchanged loving glances and caresses throughout the entire evening, making Trixie feel slightly uncomfortable despite her happiness for her brother and best friend.

Di had chosen not to sit next to Mart and had seated herself between Bobby and Hallie.  They spoke politely to each other, but the warmth of their once close relationship had disappeared.

Dan and Hallie shared an amicable relationship.  They understood each other and Dan also understood the pain of losing a parent.  Trixie had occasionally come across them sharing a comfortable silence and she wondered what it would be like to have that sort of relationship with a man.

Jim’s eyes had caught hers several times during dinner and smiled warmly at her.  She felt a thrill at each glance and rejoiced in how lucky she was to have all her friends around her.

“I’d like to make a toast,” Peter Belden announced, and Mart tapped his glass to get everyone’s attention.

“I’d like to wish Brian a very happy birthday and Helen and I are so glad that you are all here to help celebrate.”

“To Brian,” chorused the group and they raised their glasses.

“I just want to say thankyou to all of you for making it here.  It sure is good to be home.”

Brian quickly kissed Honey and the group whooped in response.  Honey blushed furiously, but smiled happily at Brian.

Trixie stared stonily at her plate, and looked up to find Jim’s eyes fixed on hers.  She quickly looked away.

“Who’s for dessert?”

“Definitely me,” Mart announced while the rest of the group moaned at the thought of eating more.

“Why don’t we move into the living room?” Helen suggested.  “We can serve coffee and cake in there to those who would like it, and Bobby’s got something special to show you.”

“I’ve been practicing all day,” Bobby announced proudly.

“We’ve been practicing all day,” Mart corrected him.  “Master Belden has been transformed into the Master of Illusion.”

“Are you going to dress up as his assistant for his Halloween party tomorrow night?” Trixie teased him

“I don’t need a ‘sistant,” Bobby frowned.  “I can do it all by myself.”

“We’re sure you can Bobby,” Honey reassured him.  “Now why don’t you go and get everything ready.”

Bobby disappeared from the table and the others began to clear the table.

“Leave the dishes,” Helen Belden told them.  “They can wait until later.”

“It’s a good thing we’ve got all these men to help out,” Hallie grinned.  “I don’t want dishpan hands before the big party tomorrow night.”

“With your costume, I don’t think anyone will notice,” Dan teased her.

“For that remark, you’ll definitely be helping out,” Hallie sniffed and pretended to snub Dan, but he saw the twinkle in her eye.

The group settled in the living room and Di once again ignored the opportunity to sit next to Mart and sat herself down next to Hallie and Dan.  Trixie saw the pained expression on her brother’s face and wondered exactly what had happened between them that afternoon.

Bobby had set up a table in the centre of the room and wore a black cape and a top hat.  He took off his hat and tapped it with his wand to demand the attention of the group.  The group dutifully fell silent.

“Good evening and welcome to my magic show,” Bobby began.  “My name is Robert the Great and I will be en – enter… entertaining you tonight with my magic tricks.”

Mart nodded his head in encouragement and Bobby continued.

“For my first trick this evening I will need a volunteer from the audience.  Who’d like to help me?”

Di raised her hand and Bobby shyly took her hand and led her back to his table.

“I have a five dollar bill,” Bobby announced, pulling a crumpled five-dollar bill from his pocket.  “I’m gonna tear the corner off this bill and hand it to Di.”

Everyone watched as Bobby tore the corner off and handed it to Di.

“Now if Dan can reach behind him, he’ll find an envelope.”

Dan did as Bobby instructed and held the envelope up for everyone to see.

“Hallie, if you open the envelope you will find a five dollar bill with the corner torn from it.”

Dan handed Hallie the envelope and she opened it, removing a five-dollar bill with the corner missing.

“Now if Hallie gives that five dollar bill to Di, Di will find that the corner she is holding in her hand will fit exactly the five dollar bill Hallie gave her.”

Di took the five-dollar bill off Hallie and gasped as the pieces fitted together perfectly.  The group cheered and clapped and Bobby took Di’s hand and they both bowed to their audience.  He then led her back to her seat and she kissed him gently on the cheek.

Bobby turned bright pink and hurried back to the table.

“My next trick is to turn this bottle of cola into the drink you want.”

Bobby produced a bottle of cola and placed into a paper bag.

“Trixie, do you want a strawberry pop?”

“Yes, please,” Trixie smiled indulgently.

Bobby tapped the bag with his wand and then withdrew the same bottle of cola.  He appeared genuinely crestfallen and looked over at Mart who nodded for him to continue.

“Maybe I’ll try something else,” Bobby stumbled.  “Who’d like an orange pop?”

“I would,” Jim told him.

Bobby pushed the bottle back into the bag and tapped it twice with his wand.  He pulled the bottle out of the bag, but it was still a cola bottle.

“I guess this trick isn’t going to work,” Bobby smiled weakly.  “I’ll just get rid of this.”

Bobby pushed the bottle back into the bag, picked it up and slammed it down on the table.  The bottle smashed with a bang and cola foamed out onto the floor.

The group was silent for a moment and then erupted in laughter at the stunned look on Mart and Bobby’s face.

“Bobby, you were supposed to use the fake bottle!” Mart cried.

“I thought it was the fake one!” Bobby cried in return, tears welling in his eyes.

“It’s okay Bobby,” Honey comforted him.  “It would have been a wonderful trick.”

“Mart, maybe you’d better clean up this mess before the cola stains the carpet,” Helen Belden instructed and he shame-facedly disappeared to find a cloth.

“Gee, you would have thought Mart could have come up with some new tricks for Bobby,” Trixie whispered to Jim.  “I remember him trying them out on us in New York.”

“I guess he likes to stick with what he knows,” Jim smiled.

“I don’t think that’s always the best approach,” Trixie replied thoughtfully, staring at Di.

“I know that tone,” Jim laughed.  “What are you up to now?”

“Nothing,” Trixie sighed.  “I told you I don’t have time to solve mysteries any more.  I can’t even solve my own problems.”

“What problems are those?” Jim asked gently, and Trixie bit her lip.

“Oh, just whether I’ll pass algebra and graduate from high school,” Trixie replied quickly and stood up.

“Unfortunately, Di and I have to head off now,” Dan announced.  “Thanks so much for dinner Mr and Mrs Belden.”

“You’re welcome Dan,” Peter Belden told him.

“Honey, we’d better go too,” Jim told her.  “Do you think you can drag yourself away from Brian?”

Honey blushed, but nodded and the group walked outside.  They waved goodbye to Dan and Di, and Trixie and Brian lingered to farewell Jim and Honey.

“I’ll come by tomorrow and drop your costume off,” Trixie told Jim in an effort to ignore Brian and Honey.

“That’s fine,” Jim smiled.  “I’m looking forward to tomorrow night Trix.”

Trixie smiled at Jim, whose green eyes seemed to glow in the darkness.  He took half a step towards her, his jaw tightening and began to reach for her hand.

“I’m ready now Jim,” Honey interrupted and Jim froze and smiled regretfully at Trixie.

Trixie’s heart thudded.  Had Jim been going to tell her something?  He had that look in his eyes that she’d seen on a few rare occasions before.  Why did Honey have to interrupt?

Brian and Trixie stood in silence as they watched Honey and Jim leave.  They exchanged glances and walked back into the house.


“Pocahontas!” Trixie hooted in laughter as she stared at Hallie.

“Yeah, go ahead – laugh,” Hallie scowled.  “But wait to you see Dan.  He’s Captain John Smith and he looks like Daniel Boone with that racoon on his head.”

Trixie giggled and Hallie soon joined in.  Despite her teasing, Trixie had to admit Hallie made a very striking Pocahontas.  Her dark hair, dark eyes and olive complexion were perfect for the costume.  Trixie again found herself wishing she’d been born with the Belden dark hair and eyes instead of her curly blonde hair and freckles.

“So do I look cool?” Trixie asked her, pushing her dark sunglasses down onto her face.

“Super cool,” Hallie drawled.  “You and Jim are going to look like the odd couple, not the Blues Brothers.”

“Hey,” Trixie protested.  “I’m sort of like Jake – small and stocky, and Jim’s like Elwood – tall.”

“You – stocky!”  Hallie scoffed.  “Take a look at yourself in the mirror.  You’ve got a great figure.”

Trixie frowned at Hallie.

“Yeah, right,” she sniffed.  “Di and Honey should be here soon.  Why did you want us all to meet here first?”

“I’ve got a lucky dip bag for us girls,” Hallie smiled slyly.  “I thought we’d have some fun before we left.”

“What are you up to Hallie Belden?” Trixie demanded.

“Just wait and see,” Hallie promised.

Much to Trixie’s relief, Honey and Di arrived shortly afterwards with Dan and Jim.  The two girls headed into Trixie’s room, curiosity plain on their faces.

“What’s up?” Honey asked.  “You Mom sent us straight up here.  I didn’t even get a chance to say hi to Brian.”

“You’ll live,” Hallie drawled.  “By the way ladies, nice costumes.”

Honey was dressed in an elegant long white dress.  Her hair was rolled into curls that framed her beautiful face and she held a cigarette holder in her hand.

“Let me guess,” Trixie mused.  “Brian’s got the fedora and cigar so he must be Bogart.  It’s too tragic for you to be Ingrid Bergman, so you must be Lauren Bacall.”

“Spot on,” Honey giggled.  “I hope Brian’s not smoking the cigar.”

“Di you look incredible,” Hallie smiled.

Di batted her eyelids at the girls and did a twirl.  She wore a blue gown with gold embroidered diamantes. The bodice was tight and V-necked and had long sleeves. On her head she wore an emerald green braided wig and blue uraei crown and she carried a crook and flail.  There was no mistaking it; she was Cleopatra.

“So is Mart Mark Antony or Julius Caesar?” Honey asked.

“I’m not sure,” Di replied.  “I don’t really know the history of it, I just liked the costume.”

“I’m sure Mart will give us a history lesson,” Trixie replied dryly.  “Now come on Hallie, I can’t wait any longer.”

“Okay,” Hallie grinned and produced a paper bag.

“What’s in the bag?” Di asked.

“It’s a girl’s grab bag,” Hallie explained.  “I thought we’d have our own treats before we head out tonight.”

“Treats?” Trixie was dubious.  Hallie was definitely up to something.

“You first Trix,” Hallie announced.

Trixie hesitantly reached into the bag and pulled out six silver moons strung together with ribbon.  She looked to Hallie for an explanation as the other giggled.

“It’s like Valentine’s day but with a Halloween twist,” Hallie explained.  “Tonight your challenge is to give a silver moon to six different guys.  One of them will be you true love, but you need to hand them all out.  If you don’t, you won’t find true love.”

“Yeah, right,” Trixie frowned.  She didn’t like the sound of that.

“That sounds like fun,” Di smiled.  “My turn.”

Di put her hand into the bag and pulled out a miniature broomstick.

“Aaahhh,” Hallie smiled.  “The broomstick gives you the power to fly away from trouble or gives you the power to fly to the one you love.”

“I like the sound of that,” Di giggled.  “I may need it tonight.”

“Okay, Honey.  Your turn.”

Honey reached into the bag and he eyes widened as she felt the object in her hand.  The girls broke into laughter as she pulled out a generous sized dildo!

“Oh, my God!” Honey blushed.  “What do I do with this?”

“You’re the only one here who doesn’t need it,” Hallie laughed.  “It was supposed to serve as a consolation prize if you lucked out tonight.”

“You can use it to keep you happy when Brian’s away,” Di giggled and Trixie blinked in surprise.  Were Honey and Brian actually …?  She didn’t want to think about it.

“Oh, and you don’t have to worry about losing it in the dark,” Hallie grinned and snapped off the lights.  The dildo in Honey’s hand glowed an eerie green.  The girls burst into laughter again and Hallie turned the lights back on.

“My turn.”  Hallie reached into the bag and removed the last item.  It was a red ribbon.

“What do you do with that?” Honey asked.

“Well, you’re supposed to tie it onto someone you love,” Hallie explained.  “It keeps bad spirits away.”

“So if we see Dan wearing a ribbon in his hair tonight, we’ll know what’s going on,” Trixie teased.

“His hair isn’t where I’d be likely to tie it,” Hallie joked and grinned wickedly at them.

Honey’s eyes widened in surprise and Di and Trixie giggled.

“Okay girls, now that you’ve got your treats, let’s get this party started,” Hallie announced.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” Honey asked, holding the dildo awkwardly in her hand.

“Well, you can use it to find your way in the dark,” Hallie told her.  “Or you can leave it here for Trixie.  She might be able to use it.”

Trixie took a playful swipe at her cousin amidst the girls’ laughter.  Honey handed the dildo to Trixie who hastily hid it in the back of my drawer. 

I hope Moms never looks in there, Trixie thought to herself.  I’d never be able to explain that.


“It looks just like a haunted house!” Honey exclaimed as she walked into the decorated school gym on Brian’s arm. 

They had gone through a series of constructed corridors to reach the gym, which was cloaked in black cloth.  Jack-o-lanterns, witches hats, stars and moons, spiders and ghosts decorated the gym and created a colourful scene.

“Yep, haunted by the ghosts of Trixie’s failed attempts at gym,” Mart quipped.

“Make sure you don’t trip and fall on you sword,” Trixie muttered.  “That’s how Mark Antony died, you know.”

“Nice to know you’ve acquired some knowledge during your scholastic career,” Mart replied.

“It’s just like old times,” Jim laughed, placing a reassuring hand on Trixie’s arm as she fumed in silence.

“Wow, everyone looks great,” Di breathed.

There was a large crowd of people already in the gym, all dressed in costumes.  Trixie could spot an assortment of characters including the usual witches, zombies and ghouls.

“Do you remember the year we swapped clothes?” Trixie asked Honey.  “I was Whixie Helden and you were Boney Treeler?”

“Don’t remind me,” Honey shivered.  “You forgot to mention we almost drowned that night.”

“We didn’t even come close,” Trixie protested.  “Remember that was around the same time Brian had been working with Loyola on their major science project.  I remember you having a major case of the green-eyed monster back then.”

“I did not,” Honey blushed, hoping Brian was out of ear shot.  “I just decided to make it a little more obvious that I was interested in him.”

“Well, it seems to have worked,” Trixie grinned.  “Have you got any tips for me?”

“You don’t need it,” Honey assured her.  “All you need to do is hand out your silver moons.”

“Don’t remind me,” Trixie groaned.  “Who else can I give them to besides maybe Jim and Dan?  I guess I can’t give them to Mart or Brian.”

“That’s only four more guys,” Honey smiled.  “You’ll have no problems.”

Trixie watched as Brian whisked Honey away and onto the dance floor.

“How about it Trix?” Jim was suddenly at her side.  She smiled up into his green eyes and soon found herself in his arms on the dance floor. 

Tell me no lies
Just hold me close
Don’t patronise
Don’t patronise

“It’s great to be back,” Jim sighed.

“You really miss all of this?” Trixie asked.

“Yeah,” Jim acknowledged.  “College is good and the classes are really challenging.  But there’s something missing.  It’s like I’ve got this empty place inside of me, and it only disappears when I’m back home.”

Trixie’s heartbeat quickened and she waited for him to continue.

‘Cause I can’t make you love if you don’t
You can’t make your heart feel something that it won’t

“I’ve missed you Trix,” Jim almost whispered into her hair.

“I’ve missed you too Jim,” Trixie breathed.  She reached into her pocket and pulled a silver moon off the ribbon.  She discreetly slipped it into his pocket.

“Have you decided where you want to go to college yet?” Jim asked.

“Not yet,” Trixie shook her head.  “I have to graduate first.”

“Do you think there’s any chance we’ll end up at the same college together?” Jim pressed her.

“I’d like that,” Trixie admitted, her heart in her mouth.  “But I don’t think the course I want to do is offered at your college.”

“So we’ll probably see even less of each other after you graduate,” Jim pointed out sadly.

“Maybe,” Trixie sighed.

‘Cause I can’t make you love me if you don’t
I’ll close my eyes, then I won’t see
The love you don’t feel when you’re holding me
Mornin’ will come and I’ll do what’s right
Just give me till then to give up this fight
And I will give up this fight

They spent the rest of the song in silence and awkwardly pulled away from each other at the end of the song.

“Thanks for the dance Jim,” Trixie said, her eyes not meeting his.  “And thanks for coming with me.”

“I wouldn’t have missed it,” Jim smiled.

“My turn to dance with the good looking red head,” Hallie interrupted.

“I can’t turn down a dance with Pocahontas,” Jim grinned.

“Do you mind if I step on your toes Trix?” Dan asked with a smile.

“I might beat you to it,” Trixie laughed as he took her hand.

Hallie caught her eye and Trixie showed her the five silver moons left on the ribbon.  Hallie pulled out her own red ribbon and the two girls grinned at each other.  Trixie slipped another moon off the ribbon and tucked it into Dan’s jacket.

Maybe it was just some silly myth, but she wasn’t going to take the risk.


“You’ve gotta wonder what they put in this punch,” Hallie commented to Trixie.  “It doesn’t taste like anything.”

“Rumour has it they make it out of the water used for bobbing for apples,” Trixie laughed.  “Did you get a look at those apples?  Someone had carved faces in them like a pumpkin.  They looked half mutilated before anyone’s teeth even got near them.”

“No more punch for me,” Hallie announced, quickly putting down her cup.  “How’s the silver moon challenge going?”

“Believe it or not, I’ve gotten rid of five,” Trixie admitted.  “Some of my class mates took pity on me and danced with me.  I’ve just got one more to go, but I have no idea who to give it to.”

“What about Zorro?” Hallie suggested.

“Who?” Trixie asked.

“That guy over there, dressed as Zorro,” Hallie gestured to the masked figure, dressed completely in black, standing across the room.  “He’s been watching you all night.”

“I’m not sure who he is,” Trixie squinted.  “Are you sure he’s been watching me?”

“Sure I’m sure,” Hallie answered.  “And he’s coming this way.  I’d better make myself scarce.”

“Hallie!” Trixie called after her, but she just grinned and disappeared.

“So are you Jake or Elwood?” Zorro’s deep voice asked her.

Trixie looked closely at him.  The voice sounded familiar, but she couldn’t place it.  His hat covered his dark hair and she could only just see his blue eyes behind the mask.

“I’m Jake,” Trixie replied slowly.  “Nice costume.”

“Thanks,” he smiled at her.  “I’m enjoying my anonymity tonight.  You’re not sure who I am, are you?”

“No,” Trixie admitted with a smile.  There was something so familiar about him, but she couldn’t place his handsome face.

But he must go to school here, Trixie thought.  And has he really been staring at me?  I wonder why?

“I guess I’m another mystery for you to solve,” he smiled.  “Would you like to – ” 

He was interrupted by an eruption of shouting coming from outside the door.

“It’s over Mart, I told you that before,” Di cried.  “I don’t want a long distance relationship.”

“But I do,” Mart insisted.  “We can make this work Di.  I swear it.”

“Well, I don’t want it to,” Di cried.

“I’m sorry,” Trixie apologised hastily to the masked man.  “I have to go.”

“Wait…” He began, but Trixie had already disappeared.  He looked down at the floor dejectedly and sighed.

On the floor, where Trixie had been standing, lay a silver moon on a ribbon.  He bent over and picked it up.  He caressed the moon slowly between his fingers and put it in his pocket. 

I wonder what this is for?  He thought slowly, looking at Trixie’s retreating figure.


“What happened?” Trixie asked Hallie breathlessly.

“I’m not sure,” Hallie frowned.  “I’ll go after her.”

“Thanks Hallie,” Trixie called after her, then turned back to look for her brother.

Trixie put her hand in her pocket and realised her last silver moon had disappeared.

Great, she sighed.  I guess Mart’s not the only one to lose his true love tonight.


Hallie found Di sitting on a bench not far outside the school gym.

“You’re the first blue Cleopatra I’ve ever seen,” Hallie remarked lightly, noticing Di’s shivering body.

“That’s not the only reason I’m blue,” Di sniffed.

Hallie sat next to her and put her arm around her.  Her Pocahontas costume wasn’t any warmer than Di’s costume and the night had turned quite cold.

“Do you wanna tell me what happened?” Hallie asked.

“Yesterday Mart tried to kiss me,” Di groaned.  “I backed away and told him that things were over.  I didn’t wanted a long distance relationship and I certainly didn’t want him coming back and acting like he could pick things up from where he’d left them.”

“Fair enough,” Hallie nodded, and rubbed Di’s goose-bumped arm.

“It’s my senior year and I want to have fun,” Di wailed.  “I don’t want to spend the year pining after Mart.  I’m not Honey, our relationship isn’t the same as hers and Brian’s, but that’s all Mart can see.”

“Tonight,” Di continued. “He tried to make me tell him that I loved him and tried to convince me that a long distance relationship would work.  He’d even planned out how I would join him at college next year.  I don’t even know if I want to go to college!  I just lost my temper at him.”

“It sounds like he put you under a lot of pressure,” Hallie sympathised, hugging Di tightly.

“It was more than I could take,” Di admitted and then gave Hallie a small smile.  “I remembered my broomstick and I tried to fly away from him as fast as I could.”

“Well, I’m glad someone got some use out of their grab-bag treat tonight,” Hallie grinned.  “I don’t think Trixie managed to give away all her silver moons and I’ve still got my ribbon.”

“Thanks Hallie,” Di smiled and a tear slipped down her cheek.  “You always have a way of making me feel better.”

“Hey, there’s no need for that,” Hallie said softly.  She gently raised her hand to Di’s face and wiped away the tear.

Their eyes met: Hallie’s blackberry eyes gazed warmly into Di’s violet ones and without thinking, Hallie leaned forward and kissed Di softly on the mouth. 

Their kiss lasted for a few seconds before Di gasped in surprise, and pulled slightly away from Hallie.

“Hallie,” Di breathed.

“I’m sorry,” Hallie whispered, just as shocked by what she had done.

“It’s okay,” Di smiled and tentatively leaned forward to return Hallie’s kiss.

This time their kiss lingered longer and their tongues met gently, curiously exploring each other.  Hallie felt a warmth rise within her and Di wondered why a kiss had never felt like this before.

They were breathless by the time they finally pulled away from each other.  The two girls looked shyly at each other, unable to comprehend what had just happened and the way it had made them feel.

“I – I guess we’d better go back inside before someone comes looking for us,” Di stumbled.

“Wait,” Hallie told her.  She pulled the ribbon out from her pocket and reached behind Di to tie it in her hair.  “I think I’ve found someone to give my ribbon to.”

Their heads leaned towards each other again, but they pulled apart abruptly at the sound of Trixie’s voice.

“There you are!”  She exclaimed, hurrying towards them.  “Is everything okay?”

“We’re fine,” Di assured her, hoping Trixie couldn’t see her flushed face in the darkness.

“Brian, Honey, Jim and Mart have left,” Trixie told them.  “So I can blame my brother for ruining my love life once again.  Dan will give us girls a lift home.”

“Thanks,” Di sighed in relief and glanced at Hallie.

“Hey Trix,” Hallie asked quickly.  “Did you end up finding out who your Zorro was?”

“Nope,” Trixie sighed.  “I got distracted and when I went back to find him, he was gone.  I lost my last silver moon too.  See, my relationships with men are doomed!”

“Did you say Zorro?” Di asked.

“Yeah, why?” Trixie turned towards her.  “Do you know who he was?”

“Of course I do,” Di smiled.  “Your Zorro was Nick Roberts.”


The End.